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Stay Connected while on the go!

If you love to travel but hate the roaming and long-distance fees associated with staying connected. I have just the perfect solution for you!

Being a digital nomad, connectivity while travelling is one of my major concerns. The hassle of looking for local sims and their insane costs was really a turn off until I discovered Fonus Mobile.

Fonus is the global wireless carrier offering unlimited data, calls and texts all over the world. Fonus sim cards are the ultimate travel partner for the convenience of seamless connectivity around the globe.

The E sim from Fonus Mobile starting at C$ 27.41 per month is genius! Fonus has made staying connected while travelling so much easier. I can stream, post and share from anywhere in the world with up to 5G speed.

I love that I can keep my current Canadian number when switching to Fonus Mobile for travel. They have a variety of plans to cater to different needs.

Fonus Mobile has become my must have travel companion whenever I am travelling!

Our Family loves to travel and explore the amazing outdoors. Our travel has become even more exciting as I now create content and share with friends and family on my socials while on the go!

The process is to purchase and activate your E-Sim with the plan of your choice online is seamless!

This will not only save you money but provide you with the ease of connectivity! Follow for more travel tips!